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A HUGE Newtown, CT thank you is in order for the fine men and women that make up Phosphorescent. This town needed the spiritual salve that only really kicking music can apply, and you all came through for us. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for gracing our humble stage with every bit of the same passion that you've brought to more renowned venues across the globe. We're grateful. Let's do this again real soon.






with Dave Hogan

Live at the Edmond Town Hall


Friday, April 19, 2013



Alabama native Matthew Houck has delivered five albums as Phosphorescent since his 2003 debut. "Pride" was a delicate and spartan work of ragged country, bittersweet southern gospel and forlorn folk-ish drone. He followed it with "To Willie," a tribute to country legend Willie Nelson, and then 2010's "Here's To Taking It Easy" an unapologetically enthusiastic plunge into country rock and rolling Americana. Now, his latest album, "Muchacho," flashes yet another color in the subtly shifting Phosphorescent spectrum.

Proceeds from this show will go towards the renovation of the Edmond Town Hall Theater. Come out, enjoy the show, and help us restore this historic building to its former glory.


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