Edmond Town Hall offers  a variety of rooms  for meetings and gatherings.  Rented by the hour throughout the day and evening, they provide a comfortable envirnoment for meetings, workshops, recitals, art shows, poetry readings (and slams) and other get-togethers.

The Mary Hawley Room

A small gathering or meeting can be quite intimate in this 15’ x 19’ room with two large windows facing Main Street. Directly to your right as you enter Edmond Town Hall, the Mary Hawley room can comfortably sit a group of eight around the center table with room for more around the perimeter of the room.


The Lower Meeting Room

Sports groups, church groups and others have found the Lower Meeting a central gathering point location in town.  Offering 858 square feet and a newly refinished floor, tables and chairs can be arranged to suit your needs.


Old Court Room

Two large southern exposure windows that invite the warmth of the sun in the Old Court Room make this an undiscovered jewel for meeting. Accessed through the doors facing Newtown Country Store, this 412 square foot room can be perfect for a meeting any time of day or night.




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